Valley of Fire Weddings In October

Vegas destination weddingFor most places in the world October is a cold and chilly month but here in Las Vegas it is a great time of the year. Marathons, Festivals, Oktoberfest, but more importantly October Weddings! Valley of Fire is a great and popular destination for October weddings. With the weather in the mid 70-80’s and beautiful sunny weather and breath taking scenery there is reason why So many couples prefer the Valley of Fire to celebrate their wedding. We recently took a poll here at the chapel and everyone here preferred the Valley of Fire to celebrate their joyous occasion.

Here is the State Park website so you can check out the great things the Valley of Fire has to offer:

you can also check out their page aswell :

Per their page it had the following interesting things to say about the Valley of Fire.

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Calling all Goretorium Las Vegas Weddings!

Last week was tough week for a lot of future Las Vegas Wedding couples after Goretorium announced it was closing its doors and with that closing its wedding chapel. When we caught word of this unfortunate decision we decided to step forward and help out! We teamed up with “Evil Dead the Musical” and are going to turn something that is negative into a positive! We are excited to be a part of this and if you know anyone that was effected by the closing of Goretorium please let us know and we will be more than happy to help out! Here is some media coverage about the event!

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About Our Grand Canyon Wedding Packages

Without a doubt, our most stunning wedding packages include the Grand Canyon wedding packages that we offer at A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Just picture you and your fiancé saying your vows at one of the greatest natural wonders of the world while our photographer captures you both with such a stunning background.

Grand Canyon wedding packagesThe Grand Canyon wedding packages include a 24 fresh rose flower bouquet for the bride, a groom’s boutonniere, and a champagne toast with two keepsake flutes. In addition, you’ll have 250 professional photos taken of your ceremony set in these breathtaking surroundings, an HD DVD of your ceremony to keep for always, and a video archive of the ceremony accessible for up to 30 days by you and your friends and family.

We’ll also provide a courtesy limo service to and from the airport where you’ll board the plane taking you to the site of your ceremony at the Grand Canyon. Enjoy the appetizers we’ll serve at the Grand Canyon prior to the ceremony and the 12” wedding cake afterward. We’ve even thought of providing you with not only the minister, but also a souvenir wedding certificate holder to commemorate your special day.

We can help you with anything you need for your wedding ceremony with us. No request is too big or too small. Whatever satisfies your wants or needs on your wedding day, we can help you with. We work with many wedding professionals that are experts in whatever you are looking for and care as much about your wedding being exceptional just as much as we do. Enjoy your Las Vegas wedding and honeymoon and don’t worry about the details. We can take care of those for you!

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Elvis Weddings in Las Vegas

When your idea of the most memorable wedding is one of the Elvis weddings in Las Vegas, you will be pleased with the large selection we have available for you to choose from. Whether you want something very simple but with Elvis as the center of attention, we offer the “Viva Elvis” ceremony for $199. A photographer and the minister are included in all of our package rates. ultimate among Elvis weddings in Las Vegas is our beautiful package we call “The Concert That Never Was”. You’ll have two different Elvis’ from whatever era you desire performing at your ceremony. They’ll perform 3 songs each including Elvis vows. You can count on enjoying the red carpet treatment this package provides with a candle lit ceremony complete with alcohol-free champagne toast.

Having your wedding with us will ensure you have very little to concern yourself with. Once our consultation is done we’ll take over from there. We’re fully equipped to provide wedding cakes, music, champagne toasts, limo service for up to 14 people, and many memorable souvenirs of the occasion.

You’ll be pleased with the wide assortment of photographs that will be taken of your ceremony. The ultimate packages provide the greatest number of digital images for you to keep as well as a video archive and live web cam recording of the event for your friends to watch from anywhere in the world!

Our wedding consultants would be happy to talk with you about your upcoming plans. Use our Live Help feature on our website or you can reach us by phone at 702-366-9175.

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About Our Destination Weddings

If you’re looking for an exciting way to commemorate your wedding ceremony you should give some serious thought to having a Vegas destination wedding. This can be as exciting or as low key as you’d like. Our package prices for a Vegas destination wedding start with three different packages for a limo wedding that will take you to any location of your choice for photographs to be taken. Starting at just $449 for The Limo Wedding to $649 for The Exquisite Limo Wedding and $999 for The Amazing Limo Wedding, these are very affordable packages worth checking out. We give full details of each on our website.

Vegas destination weddingWe also have three Valley of Fire packages beginning with Simply the Valley of Fire Wedding for $949, the Inspiring Valley of Fire Wedding for $1199, or the Timeless Valley of Fire Wedding for $1499. All of these packages provide the use of a limo for up to 4 hours, photographs, flowers for both bride and groom, a champagne toast, the wedding cake and much more.

What can be more exotic than getting married in a helicopter flying over the strip or having a beautiful Destination Wedding in Las Vegas and saying ‘I Do’ inside a world wonder? Our helicopter wedding packages include the Over the Strip Wedding for $999, Helicopter to the Valley of Fire for $2879, and The Grand Canyon Wedding for $2999. All of these packages include Limo Service to and from the airport to board the helicopter, professional photography, bride’s flower bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, video archive of ceremony, champagne toast, wedding cake, live internet broadcast of your ceremony and more.

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Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Package

When you don’t have the sky as the limit for what you have to spend on your wedding but you want something special, you can get an affordable Las Vegas wedding package from us at A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Many might say it but we can really prove it!

affordable Las Vegas wedding package
For a chapel wedding we start at $199 for The Simple Ceremony. You’ll get 13 professional digital images of the ceremony (including copyrights) five 4×6 prints, bride’s flower bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere, the minister performing your ceremony in our own chapel, and a courtesy Limo Service for up to 8 people.

Our Elvis Wedding packages also start at $199 and include Elvis singing two songs during your ceremony, 13 professional digital images (including copyrights), a copy of Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage certificate, bride’s flower bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere, the minister performing your ceremony in our own chapel, and a courtesy Limo Service for up to 8 people.

The Destination Wedding packages we offer start at $449 for The Limo Wedding. In this affordable Las Vegas wedding package you’ll receive 50 professional digital images (including copyrights), fresh flower bouquet for the bride, photos at one location of your choice, the use of a limo for up to 2 hours, and a courtesy Limo Service for up to 6 guests.

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These Elvis Weddings Really Rock

One of our very popular wedding package lines are the Elvis weddings. Many people dream about Elvis weddings in Vegas but we actually make them happen right here. And we give you a broad choice of packages depending on your budget and how many guests you’d like to have participate. Each of the packages is described in detail right here on our website so take the time to sit down with your fiancé and go through each of the Elvis weddings in Vegas that we offer and see what appeals to you both.

Elvis weddings in VegasWrite your questions down as they come up and then contact one of our bridal consultants. You can reach them by phone or on the website chat feature. They will provide answers to any questions you and your fiance have.

Elvis weddings are really exciting and you can just imagine why! The king of rock and roll can serenade you as you walk down the aisle or he can walk you down the aisle to give you away while he melts hearts with his voice and his songs.

If you’re stumped between what era of Elvis you want to have at your wedding we have a package that supplies more than one. The Concert That Never Was package provides two different Elvis’s of different eras of your choice, each singing three songs with vows included. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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5 Good Reasons to be Wed in Las Vegas

When you’re in the planning stages for your wedding day consider being wed in one of our wedding chapels in Las Vegas. If it’s something you’d not considered, there’s still time to look at what’s available. We have many different styles and price ranges of wedding packages right here at A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and there are some good reasons why coming here to exchange wedding vows beats going anywhere else.

wedding chapels in Las Vegas1.    Coming here for your ceremony in one of our wedding chapels in Las Vegas is often cheaper than a church wedding in your hometown.

2.    It just makes a whole lot of sense to have your wedding ceremony at your honeymoon destination.

3.    Holding your wedding ceremony in Las Vegas will give your guests the opportunity to visit this great city known for being the “Gambling Capital of the U.S.”

4.    The expense of traveling to the area for your ceremony will keep your guest list trimmed down to just those who you really matter to.

5.    There’s nowhere else you could be wed that would offer as many different styles of wedding packages as we do right here.

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Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

It’s the middle of summer and it’s an awesome time to tie the knot! If you’re thinking of ideas for where to hold your wedding and what type of ceremony to have, consider a Las Vegas wedding package from us at A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas wedding packageWe have plenty of ideas to inspire you as you dream about your big day and how you’d like to celebrate it. If you’d like more information about a Las Vegas wedding package just check our website for the many different types of packages we have available.

If you opt for a chapel wedding think about how you’d like the decorations to be. Do you dream about having fresh flowers all around or is silver and lace more your style?

Consider where to have a reception. How about an outdoor reception by the pool. Many hotels are set up to hold such an event on their grounds while providing everything you’d need for your day. There are different facilities in the area that you could also rent for your reception or keep it simple and just gather in a local restaurant.

Everyone comes to receptions hungry so give thought to what you’ll feed your guests. If your reception is at a hotel, they likely are prepared to use in-house caterers but if not, you can have it as high class or simple as you’d like through a caterer or by having a family member’s help.

Whether you’re interested in an indoor wedding or a destination wedding, we have many packages for you to choose from. See which one speaks to your heart and then gives us a call at 702-366-9175.

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Romance in a Wedding Chapel

Romance can be found many places but in a wedding chapel? You bet! Some might think by the time you work your way to the chapel the romance would be mostly behind you but that’s just not true.

Las Vegas wedding chapelsRomance is a frame of mind as well as an action. It’s putting your loving thoughts into actions for the benefit of another, to express your love, or at the very least your affection. While there are many Las Vegas wedding chapels in the area you’ll find A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas to display romanticism at every turn.

The Las Vegas wedding chapels you’ll find here aren’t just about Elvis weddings any more. They can be a bit less formal than a church wedding although they don’t have to be. They are surely more romantic than any church wedding and that’s the way we like it.

Las Vegas wedding chapelsWe’re special here at our chapel and we pride ourselves in making you feel special on your big day too. No matter what package you choose – and we have many of them – you’ll be delighted with how your ceremony went when you look back in years to come. Our wedding consultants will work with you every step of the way to make sure your ceremony is exactly how you have dreamed you wanted it to be.

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