Red Rock Wedding

Red Rock weddingRed Rock Canyon, Nevada, among the most beautiful areas in the U.S., is one of the best locations for such a sacred celebration as a wedding or renewal of vows. A Red Rock wedding will have you surrounded by nature, remarkable land formations, and many, many thousands of years of history. It has always been an attraction to tourists looking for full outdoor adventure and for couples desiring that perfect photographic backdrop for when they say their vows.

At A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas our Red Rock wedding is just one of many destination wedding packages that we offer. We also have helicopter weddings that that fly over the Grand Canyon or down the Vegas Strip. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful place, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

The Red Rock wedding is well suited for the adventurist bride and groom who want to be married outdoors surrounded by nature but want to add a classy and elegant touch to their ceremony. These weddings include exciting rides like the helicopter and the limousine. To top it off, your honeymoon will be exciting because after the ceremony you can return to the Honeymoon Capital of the World — Las Vegas!

Our Red Rock wedding will create simply outstanding wedding photographs for you to enjoy for years to come! This is a great way to make a change from your usual idea of how a wedding is performed without overlooking the traditional part of the ceremony. Be sure you schedule your ceremony as soon as possible because you will not be the only couple wanting to be married at Red Rock Canyon.

Besides our Red Rock Weddings, our destination weddings include the Valley of Fire Weddings, Grand Canyon Weddings, The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Weddings, Limo Weddings, In Suite Weddings, to a large variety of helicopter weddings. Call us today! Let us work with you to make your dream wedding a reality.

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