Hello and welcome to this weeks blog. Today we are taking a crack at how a pair of lovebirds can go about tying the knot in Sin City.

Get That License

Our friends over at Vegas.com have a great guide to obtaining your marriage license in Clark county, here is an excerpt:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That's what it's like to get married in Vegas. No blood tests, no waiting period, no hassle. Just wham bam married ma'am. Unless, of course, you're already married (super sleazy). Or trying to get hitched to your kid sister (really gross). Oh, and by the way, both of those things are totally illegal ... even in Sin City. Here are some things to know if you're planning to legally wed in Las Vegas.

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OK, now that we have the licensing settled, the next step will be finding the right chapel and package for you and your mate.

Find a Chapel

  • Select a Wedding Chapel
  • Bring ALL of your paperwork with you to the ceremony
  • Express your true love and cry a little.
  • The wedding officiant will file your marriage certificate within 10 days. If you need your copy sooner, discuss with your officiant

With so many places to get married in Las Vegas, you may find it hard to choose one. You can have a simple civil ceremony at the Office of the Clark County Commissioner of Civil Marriages, or you can go to a church, synagogue, or wedding chapel.

While you can always find someplace to get married on a moment's notice, you should reserve a date and time if you want to hold your ceremony at a specific site, since that Garden Gazebo Chapel you want may be booked way in advance.

Do you want an Elvis Presley impersonator to marry you or a minister, priest, or rabbi?

Be sure to compare prices, and make sure you know what you're paying for. Some wedding packages may also include extras like photography and flowers.

Pick out your outfits and accessories to wear on the day. Some chapels provide formal wear, but in general you'll need to pick out what you want to wear just as you would for any other wedding. Keep in mind that some chapels only allow formal attire, while in others, you can wear whatever you want.

Research and plan for other essentials, such as the wedding cake, hair, nails, makeup, jewelry, etc. Do as much of your planning in advance as possible if you want to have a special ceremony. Some packages take care of everything, but if you need to make arrangements on your own, the chapel will be able to assist you.


Pro Tips

  • Residents of a country other than the U.S. can get married in Las Vegas, and the procedures and fees are the same. Marriages performed in Nevada are recognized worldwide, but your home country may require a special document called an apostille to finalize your marriage. Apostilles are issued by the Nevada Secretary of State.
  • If the wife wants to take her husband's name, this will need to be done later in your home state or country. The Marriage Bureau issues a certificate with the present surnames and does not facilitate a name change.
  • Make sure you have enough money for all your wedding and honeymoon expenses.
  • Find out if any huge event is taking place in Las Vegas while you're there. If there's a major boxing match or large convention, be prepared for longer lines at major restaurants and attractions.
  • Give the cab driver directions to your destinations, and make sure you have enough cash to pay them.
  • While a marriage license can't be issued in Nevada for a renewal of vows if you don't live there, many chapels will perform such a ceremony. They may require you bring your marriage certificate as proof that you are married.