Back in September of 2016 we received a facebook message from a young lady from the UK named April who has been engaged to her fiance for seven years. She had a proposal of her own for us, She had a viral challenge in mind and requested that if she could 20,000 likes, shares and comments, that A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas would give away a free wedding package. After hearing her story of course we couldn't pass up her idea.

April Carberry, 28, and 30-year-old Daniel Bennett have known each other for over 10 years after meeting in their hometown of Stockport near Manchester in the UK. April has been engaged to her fiance Daniel for 7 of the 8 years they have been together and with three children they have tried to tie the knot before but as April told Mirror Online  "We have tried to get married in the past but life just got in our way."

The post has since gathered over 4,000 likes, almost 5,000 comments and more than a thousand shares under the hashtag #weddingdreams. While not reaching the lofty 20k goals, April and her network were able to make quite an impact and A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas decided to honor her request anyway.

Fast Forward to now, May 2017, April and Daniel have waited many years and traveled many miles to Las Vegas and on May 29 they officially exchanged vows and were finally married. We wanted to thank and congratulate April and Daniel for including A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and Destination Las Vegas Group on their special day.